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Maidenform Bras On Sale Today

All bras on the Maidenform website are $14.99 today, including packs of two. You can get an additional 20% off your order by subscribing to their email list. Check it out at

That's some pretty decent savings, and Maidenform bras are already quite affordable. Aesthetically they are perhaps a bit basic, and the patterns they offer are nothing special. But you can usually find something you like enough to wear, as long as you are in their size range. I purchased a two-pack of bras, and it's hard not to feel good about that, especially since I do like these colors.

One thing to look out for with Maidenform push-up bras (pictured at left) is that they can feel overly packed full of foam. Even those which are described as "lightly lined" tend to have significant padding, whereas in other brands the same term means simply two-ply fabric or a very thin contour layer.

The push-up options in Maidenform range from light graduated padding (which focuses mainly on lifting the breasts) to major couch stuffing that adds more than one cup size in appearance. If you like the type of bra that does this, Maidenform's are cheaper than Victoria Secret's Miraculous or Bombshell bras. But they are not available in AA cups, which is a little odd because you would think they would recognize -- as VS clearly has -- that women with AA-cup breasts are an ideal market for bras that add size.

Perhaps there simply aren't enough adult women who truly measure at a size AA to make it worthwhile for them to offer it, even in mega-push-up bras. So then we're back to AA being relegated to specialty brands that cater specifically to the small-busted.

How is Maidenform doing with larger cup sizes? They do offer a decent selection of plus-size bras up to cup size M, but not much in the way of small-band/large-cup options. They don't carry any 30 band bras, and even size 32 is excluded from their overall bra fitting chart which starts at a 34. If you need a 30 band with a large cup size, Panache and Freya are two brands that offer them.

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