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How to Wear Bra Inserts

I bought this beautiful Wacoal lace plunge bra in a 34B.

It's a decent fit without inserts, but the structure of it (underwire, plunge, lightly lined, no push-up padding) makes it a good candidate for inserts. I could use them if I wanted a boost to help fill out a tailored blouse, or if I found that the top of the cups were wrinkled or gapping.

So I gave them a try. I chose Femagique inserts which have the right measurements to fit in this particular bra. They add a modest amount of size, probably about half a cup. Here is the result.

With the inserts, it's a more snug fit. I don't appear to be spilling out of it, but this is as close to cleavage as my body gets. There is some redness on my skin where the edges of the cups dig in a bit. But the underwire still tacks correctly to my chest, and it doesn't feel as if I'm being squeezed in a vise. I like the curvier look, and certain types of clothing have a more flattering fit with that bit of extra.

I would probably be more comfortable using the inserts in a cup size larger, so I plan to try a 34C next in the same bra. The plunge structure of this bra lends itself well to inserts, because there is an unbroken line from the top of the cup to the center gore. This allows the cups to stretch over inserts while maintaining their edges from the shoulder straps in front down to the center base of the V.

When using inserts, an underwire bra is usually best for keeping them in place. You should be able to fit the insert into the base of your bra, as close to the underwire as possible. Lean over and lift your breasts into the cups above the inserts, re-adjusting the underwires as necessary. It's all right if the inserts cover your nipples, but they should not come up so high that they are slipping out of the edges of the cups. Except for the cups being a little too tight with them in, the inserts are a good fit for me in this bra.

In conclusion, if you're wearing a bra that already fits well and you want to try inserts, consider sizing up one cup. You'll be more comfortable and won't have to worry about the inserts squeezing their way up and making a break for it. Another option is to try your sister size: one band size smaller, and the same cup. This would make sense if the smaller band is not uncomfortable for you, and if you still have some room in the cups of your current bra.

I do not recommend using inserts with a bra that already has push-up padding. The inserts will cause the tops of the bra cups to stretch away from your body in order to accommodate the extra volume at the bottom of the cups, so you could end up with bigger gaps at the top even if the cups are the right size for you.

The Femagique inserts are cloth rather than silicone, which makes them lightweight and flexible. Silicone inserts, while they feel and look more like real breast tissue, are also heavier and less breathable than cotton or foam. I find it difficult to tolerate silicone inserts for any significant length of time. I bought these on Amazon. They are still available for purchase. As an Amazon Associate, I receive compensation for providing relevant links.

Have you tried using enhancement inserts? If so, what kind did you try? Feel free to share your experience with them in the comments. And check out the Wacoal Embrace Lace Plunge bra for sale here, in lots of different beautiful colors (anyone want to buy me a 34C?):


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