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Jessica Simpson Bra Review

I was mostly just curious about the Jessica Simpson brand because I had heard good things, but never got around to trying these bras yet. So I found one discounted, and decided to give it a shot.

This fit is okay on me. I don't hate it. The cups are a little bit deeper than others I have tried in this size (34B), especially in a balconette bra like this. But it does stretch and I do fill them out, without gaps.

I like the fact that there is quite a bit of separation between the cups. This is what I tend to like best about the balconette style, no matter what the brand: it has a center panel between the cups that manages to separate them, supported by a band that can maintain this separation.

I tend to prefer more shallow cups, and these are a bit too tall for me under the arms as well. But I think it would work great for women with wide-set breasts and a longer torso, i.e. probably not petites. If I let the straps out more so that the edges of the cups aren't coming up too high, then I do get a gap in the top of the bra. But I think this is more because of my lack of height, than it is because I'm not filling it out. In bras like this I tend to end up with my breasts stuck at the bottom, while the top of it is just hanging out not really doing anything.

I have this for sale on Poshmark if anyone is interested. I would recommend it if you are on the fuller side of a size 34B. The band size does seem accurate to me.


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