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Affinitas Bra Review (Damn I wish this fit)

This is a really cute bra by Affinitas Intimates in size 32C. One of the reasons I like Affinitas is that their bras often fit well on petites. This one is very close to fitting me but it doesn't quite get there, because the lace at the top of the cups sits on top of my breasts and isn't stretched enough to prevent it wrinkling.

Not surprising, since this often happens for me with bras that are designed this way. If I'm going to wear any bra with an unstructured top, it usually needs to be just a very small amount of trim, otherwise I end up filling out the bottom of it while the top is just chilling, doing nothing in particular.

I would recommend this for anyone who wears 32C and has breasts that are either fuller or taller than mine. It's so adorable and comfy. Check out my Poshmark if you're interested in buying it.


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