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Pajama Bliss from Bare Necessities

Perhaps the one good thing about COVID is that we now have an excuse to wear pajamas all day and call it an outfit.

I used to sleep in not much of anything, and I barely thought about it. Now, though, since I'm leaving the house less often anyway, I'm having some fun with trying new pajama sets like this one.

Bare Necessities ( ) is a well-established online favorite for lingerie, bras, underwear, and sleepwear. This set is from their own brand, called Reveal.

I had never tried anything from this brand before but I decided to treat myself, as the blush pink color was on sale and I liked the idea of hanging around in something pretty and satin, rather than just wearing my same old ripped up jeans or sweats at home. I'm very glad I made this decision.

The pajama set is a very soft satin with traditional piping at the hems, collar, and down the front of the top. It's quite thin material, which I enjoy as I don't tend to get very cold when sleeping; and, in the morning I can always throw a sweatshirt over it. I ordered it in the size Medium because although I measure as a Small, I like pajamas to fit loose, and it was exactly as I expected: loose-fitting elastic waist on the pants, with the arm and leg length fitting only slightly longer than what I would normally wear as clothing. What it looks like on the model is accurate, and I would guess she is about 5'7" tall. So for me, at about 5'4", it isn't too much different.

Now, let's get to what happens when you spill food on it. Yes, I have already done this. I was cooking marinara sauce while wearing these and they ended up spattered with little dots of it... lovely. I put stain remover on it, put them in the wash, and the spots came out with no trouble. They also did not shrink noticeably in the wash even though I used the Warm setting, which you are not supposed to do for satin.

So I think it's safe to conclude that, while these do look delicate and perhaps the fabric appears fragile at first, the set holds up quite well to challenges like spaghetti sauce and my washing machine. Probably yours too, although if you really want to make sure they don't shrink, wash them on the cold setting.

The return policy is quite easy and has multiple options: exchange, return for cash, or get a store voucher. Return shipping is free. Bare Necessities is also a great place to pick up more of your favorite bras and panties.


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