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VS Bombshell Bra: The Actual Review

This bra arrived today and instead of just bitching about how unnecessarily padded it is, I'm going to actually review it. You're welcome.

So, it's pretty accurate in the band size. I got a 34A and if I wear it on the tightest hook, it fits the way it's supposed to around the underbust, which is consistent with my measured band size of about 32. Plus I like the fact that the center of it provides a little more space between the cups than many bras. That works well for my wide-set girls. I also think the color is pretty, and the smooth cups would work well as a t-shirt bra. But...

Victoria's Secret Bombshell Bra Review
It doesn't even fit the mannequin.

I don't really feel like I can wear it comfortably. This bra is not so much pushing up or in, as it is adding on. It doesn't really do much in the way of support -- and yes, this is probably in part because it's a band size too large for me, but that's not the entire problem. It simply has so much padding in the cups that there is very little room for my breasts. The way that this pushes up is by crowding me out. If I were to wear this all day, I think by the end I would feel very constricted and sick of it.

Another thing about such heavy padding is that if the bra happens to shift to the side one way or the other, it will stay like that and you have to pull it back into place. The underwires of this aren't secure enough to prevent the cups from shifting due to all that inside stuffing. I suppose if I got a 32B or 32C that might solve part of the problem, but not entirely, because having the bra pulled tighter isn't going to make me feel less constricted and it still may shift if I drop one shoulder or twist to one side. Bras like this are picky about how you can move, in order for them to still fit the way they are supposed to. And the last thing I want to do is have to think about making sure I am adapting my body to a bra, for god sake.

Three stars. Looks pretty, fit is eh, and the padding is problematic. It is for sale on my Poshmark, significantly discounted.

Second photo credit Amanda Lombardi.


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