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These Panties Are Dope

Lamilano makes Brazilian-style cheeky tanga panties that don't ride up your butt, and this is no small accomplishment. I discovered the brand on Amazon, where they were offering a 3 pack for less than $6. In this pack: two neutral colors (beige and a lighter cream), and a very pretty magenta.

The only catch: when you order these, they send you one size larger than you are expecting to get. I can only assume this is because they run small, which they do seem to. I tried out the size small (actually labeled as medium, inside the panties) and medium (labeled as large). The medium does, in fact, fit like a small. The large fits very close to the same way, but with a little more coverage.

So, while this is somewhat confusing, it ultimately doesn't bother me. That's because these truly are seamless and invisible, even under thin leggings. They have a way of sitting on top of your cheeks without creating double-butt, and also without sliding up.

I appreciate this because, while I do like the minimal coverage of tangas, it's hard to get a good fit like this. They often end up either being too loose at the edges, meaning you get strange bunching, or else they simply migrate into your crack which makes them the same thing as a thong. Previously I would only wear lace tangas, because the lace can be trusted to lie flat. It's nice to have a sleeker, more minimalist alternative.

And finally, the 100% cotton crotch provides a breathable and vagina-friendly experience. Yes, I did just say "vagina-friendly."

Shop for them here (affiliate link):


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