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Auden 32AA Bras

I happen to have several of these, new with tags on Poshmark because some lady was just desperate to get rid of them. Turns out size 32AA doesn't sell very fast, who would have thought huh? But I wanted to make them available to my readers here, because this size is so hard to find.

So, here is the review:

What I have in this size is a push-up style, in black with brown floral embroidery on the wings. The cups are smooth with just a little bit of lace trim at the tops.

I did try one of these on, with an extender knowing full well that it would not fit me and what I think is that, although it does not fit as tiny as a petite bra in this size, it also has cups that are farther apart than many petite or teen bras tend to have, which is a good thing if you have wide-set breasts.

On me, it turned out I didn't need the extender for the band and it was not uncomfortable around my ribs. So I would say that since I usually prefer to wear a 34 band and find that more comfortable, this may run a little larger in the band than many size 32s might.

This is probably also true for the cups. I don't know this from personal experience because I did not even try to get this over my breasts. But I heard from one girl that I sold one of this size and brand to, that the cups were a little large on her. Her size is between 32AA and 34AA, and I sold her several bras in 32AA and 32A. The petite bras that I sold her fit better than this one.

So if you are between an AA and A cup, and can wear a 32 or 34 band, this may well be worth a try for you. The push-up padding is not a lot; I would say, medium level. And they are quite pretty, plus decent quality for the price. I'm selling two of them for $12.


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