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Rene Rofe Extreme Push-Up

It is, extreme. Probably the most heavy padding that I have ever seen, in any bra. It adds at least one cup size in appearance, probably more like two. But in spite of that, what I really like about these is that the fit is more like a petite bra even though it's not labeled as such.

What makes it a good fit for petites: it has side stays that are closer to the front than they are on most bras, so they actually work to support your breasts rather than getting lost somewhere halfway around your back. They also have a very nice amount of coverage, with the outer sides of the underwires not coming up too high.

I unfortunately found their 34B bra to be too loose in the band for me, but it was SO CLOSE to fitting exactly the way I want. They do not carry 32s but, I'm going to be keeping this one because I think it will be fine as long as I'm not raising my arms causing it to ride up.

It's also quite inexpensive, which may mean that it won't last as long as other bras that you spend more on. So what I would recommend, if you love the style and fit of these, is to take good care of them. Wash them by hand in the sink, or if you absolutely have to put them in the washing machine, use a protective mesh wash bag.

I currently have a 34A listed on Poshmark, and you can also find these on Amazon in a multi-pack.

Here's what the padding looks like on the inside:


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