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Welcome to Bras Outside the Box!

Hey everyone! Thanks for being here. I'm thrilled to introduce my new lingerie blog, Bras Outside the Box. I created this site for women seeking bras and lingerie to meet needs that the mainstream lingerie market fails to cover. That includes those of us with unusual sizes, body proportions, and conditions that make standard bras difficult to wear.

I've identified several categories that I want to focus on for product reviews, news, and other items of interest: pregnant/nursing, breast cancer/mastectomy, disabled, transgender, and hard-to-find sizes. If you fall outside of these, that doesn't mean I'm not interested in addressing your particular circumstances; feel free to get in touch and let me know more about your experience and how I can help.

Some of you know me from my previous website, 32AABra, where I mainly reviewed bras in small cup sizes. I got interested in "bras outside the box" because I am very small-busted myself, and as a lover of stylish and flattering lingerie, I was frustrated with the lack of available options on the market in my size.

Via 32AABra, I ended up hearing from many other women of almost every conceivable size, shape, and stage of life about the challenges they had faced in shopping for bras. It was enlightening for me to realize how many different needs women have, and at the same time, how we all share a similar wish to find lingerie that really fits properly and makes us feel beautiful.

I have no personal experience with most of the categories listed above. I've been pregnant and I nursed my son for almost a year, but I have never had breast cancer and am not a transgender or disabled woman. That means I really need to hear from my readers who are living with these issues. If you would like to share your story, please use the Contact form.

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