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BOTB is Body Snark Free

Naturally, one of my favorite blogs is The Lingerie Addict. I'm proud to display Cora's "Body Snark Free Zone" badge to signify my committment to tolerance, sensitivity, and constructive conversation about body image issues.

This means I want my blog to be a safe place for everyone to find valuable information and support, and to share their own ideas without fear of being judged or attacked. I do encourage all visitors to speak their minds, but always in a respectful way, and any comments that don't meet this standard will be deleted.

Having said that, talking about your feelings is not body snark. For example, if you say "I'm frustrated because I feel like thin women don't face the same difficulties I do as a plus-size woman," that's absolutely valid and worth talking about. What I wouldn't be okay with is something like "thin girls, shut up already about your bra fitting issues -- you have nothing to complain about." This would be an effort to silence another group of people and invalidate their experience, which I won't allow to happen here.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this policy. Hopefully it will make Bras Outside the Box a more welcoming place.

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