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Your Voices: Andrea, size 38B

Many thanks to Andrea for contributing Bras Outside the Box's first personal bra story! I hope to post many more of these. If you'd like to be included, please contact me for a list of questions.

BOTB: What has been the biggest challenge for you in finding a bra that fits properly?

Andrea: My problem isn't so much the bra size as it is that I am uneven, so one of the cups is always either too tight or too big. I am a full B cup on the left and barely an A on the right.

When I checked my size with the calculator on Reddit, it said I should be in a 36C. I don't think that could be right though. I hate when the band feels too tight so I will probably not be trying any size 36 bras.

BOTB: Have you ever felt self-conscious or had body image issues as a result of being uneven?

A: Not too much because I am an athlete and that's where I get my confidence from about my body. I don't try to be sexy in the usual sense. I am a strong girl who does not need to have boobs that are the same size in order to swim or run.

But having said that, there are times when I am lost with finding clothes and bras that are right for my body and it would be nice if that was not so difficult.

BOTB: Do you have any tips for other readers who are built like you? Which bras would you recommend?

A: What I normally do is wear a stretchy bra or bralette so the cups can fit me on both sides. I hate bras with shaped cups because then you get one with big gaps and one that is way tight. My favorite is a cotton bralette from Calvin Klein which I have three of, and I wear those a lot. I have a Wacoal b.tempt'd bralette [the Lace Kiss] that is stunning but it doesn't fit me as well, but I do wear that sometimes.

I would say, if you can go braless do that, but sometimes depending on what kind of top I'm wearing it can't work. I wear a bralette about 60% of the time, and the other days I don't wear anything.

Want to share your bra story? Please contact me!

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