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Your Voices: Justice, size 26GG

Bras Outside the Box: You're transmasculine; can you say a little more about what this means for you personally? Do you identify exclusively as male?

Justice: I do not. I tend to identify as transmasculine agender. However, as this is a more obscure identifier, I stick with simpler terms in non-trans circles. I prefer gender-neutral pronouns to be used when referring to me.

BOTB: What do you look for in a bra, besides a good fit?

J: I look for solid colors and simple lines. I do like patterns, but nothing ostentatious. Something fun, without the extra bells and whistles. I definitely prefer basics though.

BOTB: Where do you shop for bras, either online or in real life? Have you ever been fitted for a bra?

J: Online, typically. I have not been fitted for a bra by another person, as I prefer not to allow people into my personal space.

BOTB: How has your experience with bras and lingerie changed since you realized you were trans?

J: I think if anything I've become more aware of my choices.

BOTB: Do you wear binders? If so, where do you get them, and what brand do you wear?

J: I do! I buy these online as well. My favorite binder is by GC2b.

BOTB: Anything else you'd like to share about yourself or your search for a good bra?

J: Yes. Although I prefer the look a binder gives, the reason I sometimes choose to wear bras is simple. Due to the size and shape of my chest, a bra will reduce my awareness that there is something there, therefore reducing any sex dysphoria I might have. It will also help with issues like chafing, sweating, etc.


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