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Bralette Bargain (Actually Worth It)

This is a six-pack of bralettes by Alyce Intimates. Do you really need six bralettes? Well, maybe. I plan to keep one or two and sell the rest, but I like these more than I expected to, given the price for six of them.

I purchased them in a size medium, which turns out to be quite comfortable, but I also could have gone with the small. The sizing guidelines are interesting because when you click on "size chart," you see two charts. Ignore the first one which doesn't really make any sense, and go with the second, which does.

They are available for purchase on Amazon, at (this is an affiliate link, and I may earn a commission from sales).

With all the bralettes out there, why do I think these are special? First of all, they are well-made and look exactly like the images. Second, they are low-cut in front which is nice if you don't dress like a spinster. Third, the band is substantial in height, which gives them a good stable base for support. And finally, the sides are fairly low under the arms, so that they don't cut in at that awkward place where you may have some breast tissue if you are built with wide-set breasts that start high up on your chest. Or if you are just very petite and need minimal coverage pretty much everywhere, including at the sides.

Another thing I love is the fabric. Soft, stretchy, and thin. This is a bralette that allows your skin to breathe. Some may like a more substantial fabric for support and to make sure it doesn't stretch out too much over time, but I personally prefer this because it's not holding me in too hard or making me sweat. I guess I like my bralettes like I like my men: smooth and cool, with possible commitment issues.

A word about these if you have a small band and large cup size: because of the low cut in front and at the sides, you may end up with half your breasts falling out of it. The second sizing chart (the accurate one) does include D cups, but only for sizes L and XL, meaning that if you wear a smaller band and larger than a D cup, the fit could be problematic.

What I like to do is take out the pads that come with the bralette and either wear it with no padding, or put in some of my own like the Double Scoop inserts if I want to add size. This is one reason I appreciate the removable pads, because, well... you can remove them. I tend not to like the pads that come in bralettes because they are just useless triangles which serve the sole purpose of nipple concealment. Why do we need to pretend we don't have nipples, anyway? Everyone knows they are there.


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