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Cosabella Push-Up Bra Review: Never Say Never Sexie

Well, I'm never saying it isn't sexy, but I must say this bra is not my favorite from Cosabella. It's a front-closure style with removable pads-- so far so good, as I tend to like both of these features very much. And it's quite beautiful, with black lace contour cups and an elegant silver clasp.

However, the band runs very very tight. I got a size 34B and had to really pull on it to get the clasp to fasten, and once I had it closed it dug into my breastbone in front. I could barely fit two fingers between me and the band, which is a definite sign that it's too small. That, and the fact that I could hardly breathe.

The cups do run true to size, so this seems more like a 32C to me, or even a 30D. This is not something I usually experience with 34 bands at all. In fact I can't think of a single time that a 34 was this tight on me, not even other front-closure bras with bands that can't be adjusted.

I had seen reviews on Amazon indicating that Cosabella seems to be having sizing issues. Their smallest bras start at a 28 band, which this quite honestly felt like to me (or close to it, anyway). I can't imagine what must have happened for this to be labeled as a 34, but it simply isn't.

I got it from Rue La La (join with link to get $10 in store credit), and it was on final sale so I can't return it. My advice if you order a Cosabella bra from anywhere, is before you check out message the seller and ask the following: do you know if this bra runs true to size? Have you tried it on, or do you know someone who has? If it doesn't fit and I have to return it, do I still need to pay for return shipping? Do I have the option to exchange it for a different item? This goes for Poshmark too, as I have listed this bra there with the caveat that the band does not seem to run true to size. I recommended it for a 32C.

It's a shame, because I do like the bra otherwise, and Cosabella lingerie is always well-made. What sort of luck have you had with this brand? Please feel free to share your experience in a comment. I think perhaps next time I will stick with their bralettes and other non-cup-sized items.


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