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Flatter Me Bras: Sizes 40AA and Up

Flatter Me is a line of plus-size bras for small-busted women. As I'm sure you know if you wear one of these sizes, plus-size bras in AA, A and B cups are even harder to find than they are in petite sizes. Itty Bitty Bra Company realized this, and they designed the Flatter Me bra especially for this population.

I have given Flatter Me bras to several readers, with rave reviews. My friend Ali called hers "super comfortable," and another reader (who prefers to remain anonymous) said "this is the only bra I have that doesn't gap on me." Yay!

So how do you know if these bras will fit you? Bra fit in all Itty Bitty Bra Company products is measured as follows: take your underbust measurement in inches and add 4. If you get an odd number, add 5. This is your band size. Next, measure across your breasts at their fullest point and around your back at the height of your bra band. If you get an odd number, add one. If you get an even number, this is your fullest bust. Then subtract your band size from your fullest bust (you may get a negative number).

So for example, my underbust measures 27. It's an odd number so I add 5 to this and get 32, which is my band size. My fullest bust measures 33, so I add one to this and get 34. I subtract 32 from 34 and get two inches, meaning I am a B cup. So, for Itty Bitty Bra Company I am sized at a 32B (however, I find the fit a little tight in IBB bras this size so I go up to a 34B or its sister size, 36A).

Another way to measure is to take your underbust and fullest bust measurements as they are, rounding up only to the nearest whole number. Some women find that this method provides a more accurate size for them, particularly if they are full-busted (D cup or above) with a small ribcage. And if you get a negative number from the first method, this is not at all uncommon for women who measure at an A cup or less; all it means is that the +4-5 method will not give you an accurate cup size, so this second technique for measuring makes more sense for you. It gives me a quite different result than the first, sizing me at a 28D or 30C. In fact, I have tried on bras in these sizes and can wear a 30C, but I find it uncomfortably tight (28 I can barely fasten even on the loosest hook), and the cups come up too high on my chest.

Flatter Me by IBB is available in AA, A and B cups. Band sizes range from 40 to 46, and they come in black or beige. Shop for them here:

You can also find a couple of these for sale for less on Poshmark.

If you buy one, please comment to let us know if you like it and how it fits! Also, please tell us what size you got and what led you to search for Flatter Me bras.


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