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If You Sell Bras (semi-rant)

I'm kind of frustrated right now. A certain company (who shall remain nameless because I'm not a bitch who wants them to lose business over this) has a chat feature where you can ask advice on their fit and what you should get. My experience was not a positive one.

I was told they don't have a cup size for me. She (I'm assuming I spoke to a woman, although I don't know for sure) said that because I've had trouble finding a comfortable fit in an underwire bra, the only thing she could recommend was to try their wire-free style. I explained that I like what underwires do for me when they fit correctly and started talking about the Timpa bra and she was like, okay we'll pass that along to the team.

I mean, maybe I'm just sensitive but the whole conversation made me feel like she thought I was wasting her time. I told her I felt like I was being a pain, and she said "please don't think of it that way."

Like, okay... but I don't think I would feel that way if you weren't shutting me down and asking zero questions and basically trying to get rid of me.

I'm not angry at her, but I think her communication sucked. And I can't imagine it's helping their sales much, because the last thing I want to do now is buy anything from them.

I think selling bras is like counseling, especially when you're dealing with people who have particular insecurities about their size or shape. I'm flat-chested and my chest bones are shaped weird. I kind of just want someone to say "it's okay you're not hopeless, your perfect fit is out there somewhere and there is nothing wrong with your body."

So, here's my advice to anyone who sells bras for a living: talk to her like she's your sister. Tell her you get where she's coming from. If you don't understand her, ask questions until you do. If you still don't understand her after that, maybe you're in the wrong line of work or maybe you're just tired and you hate your job or maybe your cat died, I don't know. But you're not going to be able to sell her anything if she doesn't like you.

Nameless Expensive Bra
Not mentioning any names... but this one costs $60. Just saying.


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