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Perfect Fit!

I'm so excited about my new bra that fits perfectly. I love the colors too. This is the TLBC (The Little Bra Company) Mercedes. Please ignore my hair, I know it's frizzy but I had to shove it out of my face to take this photo.

I took off the little circular pearl thing at the center because I didn't like it, but otherwise this is exactly what I wanted. It's pretty, sexy, and as always with TLBC the fit is incredible for a flat-chested woman like me.

It has modest push-up padding, but not so much that I feel squished or that it looks unnatural. What the padding does in this bra is gently coax your breasts inward, more than upward. I don't do well with a shelf of padding on the bottom that is meant to lift only upwards, because well, I just don't have that much to lift. But the push inwards is helpful for getting the girls out from under my armpits.

I earlier loved this same bra in one cup size smaller, but since then I have gone up one cup. It's still amazing in my new cup size of 34B, which in standard sizes, for this one may be more like 34C. I have the band on the tightest hook here, but this makes sense because I actually do measure as a 32 band or even a 30 depending on where I am shopping for bras. 30 band usually feels too tight on me so I go with 32 or 34.

I know some people like a super-tight band though, and if you prefer that, go ahead and get your usual band size in TLBC. The tight band will stretch out a bit with enough wear. And if I had the patience to break in my bras, which I don't, I would go with their 32C.

I believe having wide-set breasts may be what is making smaller bands uncomfortable for me. As you can see here, even a bra like this which does its best to create cleavage... well, for me that just doesn't really happen.

Thank you, TLBC for this bra. FYI the Mercedes is discontinued, but I was informed that their current Faye bra is similar, and I plan to try that one next.


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