Six Different Types of Bras Compared

Amazon's Try Before You Buy program gave me the opportunity to have six bras sent to me to try on before having to pay for any of them. It's like going to a department store and trying on one after another, but in the privacy of your own home. I chose a variety of different brands , sizes, and styles. Join to host your own at-home bra try-on party:

Six bras reviewed through Amazon's Try Before you Buy program.

They did arrive on time and for the most part I got what I expected, with one exception: the Wacoal bra was not the Petite Embrace Lace, but the regular version which I already know doesn't fit me well. Sigh. I ordered the Petite even though I know how it fits and have owned several over the years, because I needed a new size. This one, I figured, would be a keeper even if I hated the rest... but it's not even the bra I ordered.