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Timpa Duet Bras: A Must-Try for Petites

I snagged two of these brand new, on sale. This style, the Duet Lace Daisies, is discontinued by Timpa. I find that the 34B fits me well, but I already have a ton of Timpa bras (several in the original Duet Lace unlined style), so I figured I could offer them to other people reading this who have not yet discovered this fantastic brand. This bra, unlike the unlined Timpa Duet Lace, has contoured cups which are lined enough to provide nipple coverage.

Timpa makes bras especially for petite women. They are scaled down in cup size, band size, and overall coverage. I in fact find that the cups are fairly true to size, but that the coverage level is definitely less than what you normally get. This is perfect for women with short torsos, as you will find the cups do not come up to your armpits and the bra is sized correctly for your dimensions.

What I recommend for these bras, is that if you are between band or cup sizes you should order up. The 32 band is very tight on me, while 34 works well. Their B cup is very flattering but I feel I could have gone up to a C if I wanted more coverage. As it is, the cups just barely cover my nipples which is a sexy look that I like just fine. I probably wouldn't wear this bra in any situation where I wanted to be absolutely certain that my nipples wouldn't show.

If you'd like to try one of these bras, I have them listed for sale on Poshmark. One is 34B, and the other is 32A. Both are black with embroidered daisies on the cups.


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