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TLBC Now Carrying Size AA Bras

Fans of The Little Bra Company, an iconic mainstay brand of petite lingerie, will be pleased to hear that a selection of their bras are now available in cup size AA. Previously a common complaint of women requiring an AA cup was that, while TLBC's full A cup size may be smaller than it is in a standard bra, that doesn't really make it equivalent to an AA.

Bra bands from this company do tend to run smaller than its cups. I have more often seen complaints about the bands being too tight, than I have about the cup size being off. So it's fortunate that they have chosen to provide sizes 32AA, 34AA, and 36AA in the following styles: Elsie, Erika, Jamie, Lea, Lenna, Sascha, and Yvonne.

Among these, there are options for a good fit whether your breasts are set close together or more than three fingers apart from each other (I, like many other women who are not true petites, fall into the second category).

The Yvonne bra, TLBC's award-winning bestseller designed for wide-set breasts, has been consistently popular in all other sizes and will no doubt continue to top the list of sales for them in AA cups as well.

As they are making room for new inventory at the moment, TLBC has a number of styles on final sale. I also have been selling a few of them on Poshmark, so check my closet to see what I might have available at the moment:

The Little Bra Company Catherine T-Shirt Bra
TLBC Catherine Smooth


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